Monday, January 7, 2019

Natural teeth whitening with Smileactives reviews

1. How to make teeth whiter in 3 minutes - SmileActives Original Whitening Pen

By Rick - Watch out for the auto re-charge Option.

Beware of this Company. I will post my original review of this product below, that I posted on the Smileactives website, that Smileactives would NOT allow.

I was not overly harsh about their business practices, but Smileactives wrote me back after I made the post and told me that my post was moderated and will not be shown. I was not going to post anyplace else, but by them doing this, just confirms what I thought about them.

First here is there reply to my post that they removed:

Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!

Now here is what my original review stated that I posted on their Smileactives website:

I am not going to give a plus or down for the product, but I will not be ordering or using again. I don't like it when I do business with a company that takes my Credit Card info and then charges me again and ships more product at a later time. I did not see this option when I placed the order for the first time and when I called the sales rep after receiving a 2nd order and seeing the charge on my AMEX, she told me that it is already checked at the time the order is placed. I would of had to of seen this and unchecked the box. This should not be this way. The option should be there and make me check the box if I want to be on the refill order option. For this reason, I will not do business with smileactives and am returning the box that was just shipped. I don't do business with companies that use this type of practice. I accept the fact that I did not see the option, so I have to take part of the blame, but I do not like companies that use this tactic. The rep on the phone was very nice. They are issuing a refund once they receive the product back, but of course I have to pay to ship it back. Disappointed, as if my wife had liked the product, then we would of ordered more and even considered an auto refill option.

Since this, I talked to my wife about it, as I purchased it for her and after discussing, she is not pleased with the actual product and has seen no change. She has a great set of teeth and has a regular cleaning and they are already white, but she saw their ads for the product and thought she wanted to try it, so I purchased it for her.

So next, I decided to contact her dentist and ask about it and was not surprised to hear him give it a thumbs down. He stated, "This is just another one of those products designed to get the consumer to spend their money and that by continuing to do what she is doing, by having a regular 6 month cleaning and daily brushing at least 2 times a day and flossing, that her teeth will stay healthy and white."

So from my point of view, Don't do business with a company that uses the business practices of trying to trick the customer into an auto refill and auto credit card charge and from my wives point of view, it just does not work or make any difference.

I hate companies that use these type of business practices. Don't be fooled. Don't purchase this product.

By Nancy C: Did they change the formula?
I would have given this product 5 stars, but I think they may have changed the formula or maybe this is a knock off and not the same product. In the past when I used this product it was thicker, this time it's very thin and doesn't seem to work as well.

By Amazon Customer: easy to use
It works as advertised. Nothing dramatic. Pleasant tasting, easy to use, no sensitivity. 3 weeks in and I do notice my teeth are a little whiter. I am pleased. My only concern is that you do ingest it. They say up to 4 times a day is safe. I still wonder. I would recommend this however.

By BaaBaa Somewhat disappointed in the description of the pen.
The description didn't say that you shouldn't use the pen while wearing braces so I haven't got to use it yet. I gave it 4 stars because that should have been stated in the description like it is in the pamphlet that came with the pen. That is important to know.

The product is a very good product, but I feel the company is trying ...

I have used this produce for over 2 years. The last shipment I received was not what I have receiver in the past, the tube was ssmaller and did not last but about 1/2 uses as the one I have been using. I wish I could have sent it back, but I did not realize the tubes were smaller than what I have received from the past with QVC. The product is a very good product, but I feel the company is trying to make the tubes smaller to save money.

2. How to make teeth whiter in 3 minutes - Smileactives reviews: Power Whitening Gel

By GraphixNut Love it!
Great product! So easy to use, just brush with my usual toothpaste as normal. No mess, no fuss. At my last cleaning, the dentist commented about how great my teeth looked. WIN!!

By Tim: Works great on natural teeth
Works great on natural teeth. I bought it because it stated that it works on crowns and veneers I have a crown on a front tooth and it hasn’t changed the color

By joy r howard: After a month of use went to Dentist for my 6 month cleaning & they were amazed at the way my teeth
I was very skeptical about this product. I have a mouth full of crowns, large cavities filled with everything, but, this stuff really works. After a month of use went to Dentist for my 6 month cleaning & they were amazed at the way my teeth, most importantly my gums looked. I highly recommend, it’s the real deal.

By Dakotaboy11: Excellent whitening product.
I love Smileactives. I noticed whiter teeth in just a few days. This is the truth I am getting nothing in return for my outstanding review. I have tried several other whiting products and Smileactives is the easiest to use. It also has a fast noticeable whiting effect on my teeth.

By Amazon Customer: This product doesn’t work!
I smoke cigars and drink coffee and had some minor staining on my front teeth. I tried this product and used as directed for three weeks. I didn’t make any difference. I wouldn’t waste your money on this fairly expensive product. Like most of the teeth whitening products on the market, none of them work as proclaimed by their sellers.